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La Hora Loca ( Crazy Time )

Artist, Dancers, Shows, Theme Parties 05 Mar 16 0

La Hora Loca,  The insane hour, will give your event a unique touch of craziness!! It will be the most amusing and empowering hour of the night. Performers make an awesome entrance with drummers, exotic dancers, inflatables, and even stilt walkers in customs.  After a short gathering, they will mingle with your guests  and build up new energy together with your DJ or your band. La hora Loca is suggested  for weddings, sweet sixteens, quinces,  corporate events and any social event.  The house will come down, it’s party time !!!!


Brazil Tropical

Artist, Dancers, Shows, Theme Parties 23 Jan 16 0

Brazil Tropical  is a high energy Show unfolding different Latin dances by impeccable  performers in colorful  traditional costumes. The rhythms are very contagious, reflecting the hot Latin dances including Salsa, Meringue, Lambada, Tango & of course Samba from Rio Carnival.  This show is well suited for indoor or outdoor settings like corporate events, weddings , sports stadiums, festivals, parades  and any social event that requires a unique and elegant Latin Flavor.


Tango Argentine

Artist, Dancers, Shows, Theme Parties 23 Jan 16 0

TANGO NIGHTS is a vibrant show of this popular dance art. Gabriella Schaffer and Luis Vivas will dazzle the audience with the sharp movements of one of the most dramatic ballroom dances on Earth, The Argentinean Tango. From the Bronx of Buenos Aires , it made it to Paris, and from Paris to the rest of the world. Together with ”Los Tres del Tango” under the direction of Maestro Juan Carlos Loyacono, this outstanding artists will transport you to a world of Milongas, Arrabal , Valsesito and several other tango forms of this world famous dance. Bring Buenos Aires to your event and dare your self to Tango

Opa Nights

Artist, Dancers, Theme Parties 23 Jan 16 0

Opa Greek Nights .While the  Bouzouki will warm up the room for our beautiful belly dancers,  your guests will enjoy a night of authentic Mediterranean ambiance with music and dance. We are very proud to present the art of Belly Dance all  in original costumes and gowns. Our belly dancers will make your event an exotic night to remember. This is a great  show for a theme party or any other special occasions. As a part of the show the dancers will present up to 5 short dance acts including; the wing dance, the sward dance and the veil dance.  The Dancers interact with the audience  making the event more entertaining.  Our dancers will transport you to a different world.   A photo session  with each table will bring your event to an end and we all say OPA!!!

Havana Nights

Artist, Dancers, Shows, Theme Parties 22 Jan 16 0

HAVANA NIGHTS  is a wonderful program bringing a variety of Latin Dance styles such as Meringue, Cha-Cha- Cha, Samba, Mambo and Rumba. The Show is made possible by Vivian Tapia and her crew,  all professionals Ballroom dancers and the Emac Latin Combo. A short Salsa dance class will bring all guests to the dance floor to enjoy the sensual moves of the Latin dance. A night of reminisce of the  50’s  in Havana,  Cuba where dance and music was king.


Flamenco Ole

Artist, Dancers, Shows, Theme Parties 22 Jan 16 0

Flamenco Ole!  is a Florida Gipsy King Tribute band, Under the music direction of the virtuoso guitarist , Bob Folse and the Choreography of Flamenco Express  Flamenco Ole ! display  a sensational show loaded with Spanish music & Flamenco dance , including Sevillanas, Rumba, Zapateado, and the famous Castanets Of course . Do not miss this outstanding production, your hands will not stop clapping and your feet will not stop tapping. And say OLE !

Aloha Luau

Artist, Dancers, Theme Parties 22 Jan 16 0

Hawaiian Polynesian , Luau  When entertainment calls for the exuberant drum beats of Tahiti and the dance of Samoa, We can take you through the tradition and dance of Polynesia, focusing on our beloved Islands of Hawaii. Beautiful skilled Hawaiian dancers will illuminate your room. We present a great Show including live music and up through the authentic renditions of Hawaiian music and Hula. Let us take care of your event and make it a day to remember Experience the fire of “Hawaiian Dance & Hula” at your party!